Preventing opioid misuse is complex. The right tool can make it easier.

  • Opioid prescribing guidelines support patient monitoring as best practice
  • System-wide establishment and use of protocols is overwhelming
  • Providers and staff lack time and resources to perform the activities of monitoring
  • Monitoring information is difficult to translate into actionable data


How Can I Better Manage Opioid Use In My Health System?

Best practice, as supported by a large body of evidence, supports monitoring that includes risk assessment, controlled substance agreements, PDMP checks, laboratory testing and pill counts.

Health system protocols that call for multi-modal monitoring help meet guidelines and manage opioid use.

  • GuideMed® helps health systems implement and execute protocols.
  • Compliance to protocol in three studied health systems increased from 11 percent to 97 percent based on chart review of the prior year.
  • GuideMed® achieved an overall protocol compliance rate of 98 percent in the first six months of use

How Do I Keep Chronic Pain Patients Safe And Satisfied?

  • GuideMed® does the work of monitoring, so providers can focus on patient care.
  • Providers identify risky medication use and intervene earlier
  • Preliminary data show an average 40 percent decrease in inappropriate medication use among patients enrolled in GuideMed®.

How Does GuideMed® Help Me?

HealthTrackRx's GuideMed® program helps health systems implement and execute protocols to support appropriate prescribing and use of opioids. GuideMed® provides the information needed to help healthcare providers ensure patients are taking their medications as prescribed, not receiving any other potentially harmful medications and detecting early signs of opioid or other substance misuse.

GuideMed® Offers An Immediate Solution

Speed to Compliance: Efficient compliance evolving prescribing guidelines.
Program Expertise: Benefit from our expertise in setting up comprehensive programs nationwide.
Tailored Provider Support: Customized tools based on your protocols provide actionable data to provider.
Immediate Access: Our proprietary application houses and manages the data needed to implement and track a program. Current EHR lacks the capability, reporting necessary to manage a live-time intuitive program.
Instant Risk Mitigation: Reduce risks and liabilities immediately through standardization control functionality.

GuideMed® Offers Financial Stability

Cost Efficiency: GuideMed® staffing uses shared resources, increases efficiency compared to using office staff, focus skilled staff on patient treatment activity, not monitoring and administration.
Control Utilization: Achieve utilization control for UDT, ensure low risk patients are not over-tested, high-risk are not under-tested.

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