AIT Laboratories, a HealthTrackRx Company Launches Testing to Detect Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

16 March, 2020

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. Therefore, AIT Laboratories is convinced that it is more important than ever that its team continues to enhance company operations in light of the current environment. Please read the following information and be aware that we will be providing updates as this emergent situation continues to evolve.

Working Hand-in-Hand with the CDC to Keep Our Communities Healthy and Safe

Denton, Tx., March 19, 2020 – On Monday, March 16th, AIT Laboratories, a HealthTrackRx company launched procedures to receive and process respiratory specimens for novel coronavirus COVID-19 testing from various healthcare settings—including hospitals, physicians’ offices, and long-term care facilities. Per the most current CDC protocol, testing for the virus presently requires a physician’s order, and is not yet directly available to consumers. Patients that are suspected—or are confirmed—to have contracted COVID-19 should immediately consult with a physician regarding the best way to provide a specimen for rapid testing by AIT.

As part of this continuous initiative to push forward, AIT Laboratories has begun providing testing for COVID-19. This new testing service is aimed at aiding and enhancing the presumptive detection of nucleic acid in respiratory specimens of patients, consistent with the CDC's clinical criteria for COVID-19 testing.

“We at AIT Laboratories, a HealthTrackRx Company, would like to thank our expert staff of scientists and analysts for working around the clock to launch a COVID-19 test, which first ran Monday March 16th,” Chris Roberts, CEO. “We will continue to work with our clients to provide accurate and efficient testing for their patients.”

Scaled to Urgency

AIT’s cutting-edge PCR sampling technology is uniquely scaled to address the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the amplification of millions of copies of pathogen DNA, PCR sampling can test and return results to medical professionals—often within 24 hours.

AIT’s COVID-19 Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) assay is specially designed, validated, and intended for medically indicated diagnostic testing in symptomatic patients. The assay's PCR probes (ThermoFisher 2019-nCoV Assay) target the SARS-CoV-2 replicase complex (ORF 1 ab), spike (S), and nucleocapsid (N) genes.

Since launching this new testing service on Monday, March 16, approximately 99% of the samples received by the laboratory have been reported out within 24 hours of receipt. AIT recognizes that this is a challenging moment in our nation’s history: in many cases, unprecedented demand has resulted in a shortage of supplies and delays in shipping. Nevertheless, AIT remains committed to its goal of a 24-48-hour report time, after the laboratory’s receipt of specimens.

Enhancing Testing to Tackle the Pandemic

As a national leader in diagnostics testing, AIT’s mission has always been to honor the communities it serves by revolutionizing the way care is delivered. By working diligently with healthcare experts, AIT remains committed to the education and empowerment of medical professionals during this unique moment in American history. In this regard, as the nation is impacted by COVID-19, AIT has emphasized its devotion to employing every possible tool at its disposal to help mitigate that impact and keep our communities healthy and safe. This means continuing to deliver the highest possible quality laboratory services available today.

About AIT Laboratories’s Proprietary Molecular Transport Transfer Medium

Because of the high hazard that substances of biological origin may present, AIT’s proprietary molecular transport transfer medium is unique in that it neutralizes and inactivates potentially infectious pathogenic organisms. Using this innovative pathogen inactivation, AIT’s state-of-the-art transfer medium ensures the protection of the public, healthcare providers, laboratory workers, and personnel engaged in the transportation industry from accidental exposure to the contents of packaged specimens.

About AIT Laboratories

AIT Laboratories, a division of HealthTrackRx, is a national healthcare leader, with over 30 years of laboratory experience. The company was founded with the purpose of providing patient-centered, value-based, actionable laboratory results to healthcare providers and their patients. Contracted with over 200 regional and national health plans, AIT’s clinical expertise is aimed at facilitating clinical outcomes that are of the highest possible quality and efficiency, resulting in early intervention and treatment of infectious disease, early detection of toxicological diversion, and shortened patient episodes.
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