Our Mission

To improve treatment outcomes through clinical and analytical solutions.

Our drug and alcohol monitoring services help our clients by providing objective data that can provide enhanced patient care and practice protection through the identification of risk, and tools to help monitor and manage that risk.

HealthTrackRx’s qualitative and quantitative testing and confirmation services provide physicians with results that fortify routine monitoring processes and promote more effective treatment plans that aim to support overall patient health and positive outcomes

What We Do

HealthTrackRx’s services provide scientific identification of prescription and illicit drugs.

HealthTrackRx is a clinical solutions company that helps physicians make accurate diagnoses and safely and effectively prescribe medications to treat patients. Our services support physicians, healthcare systems and other care facilities with the tools necessary to engage in appropriate opioid and antibiotic stewardship.  

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How We Do This

Our goal is to help simplify and reduce the unnecessary burdens associated with diagnosing, managing and reporting on patient care, so clinicians can focus on treating the patient.

We do this using:
  • People - Onsite staff to help educate patients and perform medication and monitoring activities
  • Technology - Proprietary software tools for managing medication use; Laboratory services for timely and accurate diagnosis
  • Data Analytics - Individual treatment decision support; Practice or facility trend reports; Population health reports for hospitals and healthcare systems

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